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Between two walls or between two trees. At home or outside, wherever you are, you can rock, sleep or play in a hammock.A hammock should not be fastened too tight nor too loose.
A proper distance between the anchor points is important.

How can you calculate the distance between the anchor points?

Do I have enough, too little or too much space? Or, how do you calculate the amount of rope to extend the total length of the hammock?

At we use as a general rule the following: distance between anchor points = 1.2 * length hammock + extension rope 
Suppose that the attachment points are 4 meters apart. You are in possession of a double hammock with a length of 390 cm. 
4 * 1.2 = 3.9 + extension cord 4.8 - 3.9 = extension cordextension cord = 0.9 meter
The length of the extension cord is approximately 1 meter A sheet bend (weaver's knot) uses about half a meter of rope.
You'll need at both sides a sheet bend, so 1 meter for knots.
Extension plus knot is two meters.

We advice to use double ropes (which is stronger and easier to use)Two times two meter: total rope needed is about 4 meters.
How high should I make the anchor points? As a rule we use anchor point height = 0.45 * total distance between anchor points 
In our case is 0.45 * 4 meters = 1.8 meters

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