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The online hammock shop for quality hammocks in all colors and sizes.
The followong properties make our shop for you the best place to buy a hammock:


The hammocks you find here are made from cotton. Cotton is a natural product and guarantees a high lie comfort. A few hammock types have ten percent of acryl (for the warp).This makes the hammock even stronger, when maintaining the comfort of a hundred percent cotton hammock.

originele katoenen hangmat in gebroken wit


The hammock is made of cotton and feels great. The hanging loops are robust and can be extended so that the distance between the fixing points is variable.

No spreader bars. No fringes. No light sensitive material.

lie  stable.
 handy, easy to use and simple to carry.
Excellent travel / holiday hammock.
Natural substantial material.




Hammock types

The hammocks have the traditional form, without spreader bar. A hammock without spreader bar is more stable, lighter, smaller and easier to carry. Our hammocks are cloth hammocks, also known as the "Brazilian hammock" . They consist of a lying surface that consists of cloth. On the head and foot side, the warp threads come together in the hanging loops at which the hammock can be suspended.


All hammocks come from Otavalo, a town in northern Ecuador, South America. The producers come from the local population and are descendants of the Otavalieno Indians  . The hammocks are made in small (family) businesses. These local and small scale production ensures that you not only enjoy this because of the high comfort.

Hammock selection

To be raised in a hammock, start as a baby in a baby hammock unto your retirement in an oversized XXL double hammock with the whole family. All sizes are available. There is also a rich diversity of colors. The hammocks can be printed with a logo,   feel free to ask us!


  • inclusief verzendkosten  All prices are tax and shipping included
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Fast delivery (you have your hammock order two office days after the payment has been recieved!)
  • inclusief verzendkosten  High quality hammocks for a sharp price
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Payment by iDEAL and money transfer without additional cost
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Payment by creditcard (paypal) and invoice (Klarna) is possible for a small surcharge.
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Cancel or change your order is possible within 7 days after you recieved your order
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Order one of our fixing sets together with your hammock
  • inclusief verzendkosten  Uselful tips, manuals and an intruction movie on this site
  • inclusief verzendkosten  The Tree hugger set!


For the video "How do I fasten a hammock between two trees" click HERE

The price you see is the price you pay!

The warmth, the peace, shelter and the shadow make people use their hammock indoors.
The wet and cold autumn, the winter and the fresh spring in the Netherlands makes you want to use your hammock indoors.
Inhabitants of territories where the hammock is used originally use their hammock mostly on sheltered places.
On the website you can find pictures of indoor hammock use (especially the XXL double hammocks)
The fixing set simple is composed for fixing a hammock indoors (see accessories)


type lengtt cloth
breedte doek  total length
price starts
baby hammock 100 cm 70 cm 150 cm 20 euro
hammock simple
220 cm 120 cm 335 cm 25 euro
hammock large
240 cm 140 cm 370 cm 45 euro
hammock double XXL  260 cm 160 cm 400 cm 60 euro

Our cotton hammocks are made in Ecuador. The hammocks are produced in a honest and environmental friendly way. The producers of the hammocks are Andean locals.