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You buy a hammock to relax, to lie or sleep in. Surrounded by the cloth or close to one another. Gondor Hangmatten sells through its website cotton hammocks without spreader bar. The real hammocks come from South America: the birthplace of the hammock. A hammock is one of the cheapest pieces of furniture, has always a perfect fit and is easy to take somewhere else to use it over again. All our hammocks come directly from Ecuador, South America, so the origin is known and is based on fair trade.
Children also love to lie, to rock or play in a hammock. Many babies love a baby hammock in the box , gently rocking , surrounded through hammock cloth, in a position similar to the position in the womb ., established in 2006, is the familiar address to buy hammocks. Eco-friendly hammocks are available in all sizes, from a baby hammock to very large family hammocks . You can also buy fixing sets to hang your hammock properly. Your hammock between two trees or in house, between two walls . The delivery is fast and professionally with Postnl. In addition to delivery to your home address or work you can also use PakjeGemak. PakjeGemak has 2000 pickup locations in the Netherlands, so you can decide where and when you pick up your order yourself.

Hangmatten van, de kwaliteitshangmat uit Ecuador

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